All dancers have the choice to perform.  Classes are divided into a technique section and a portion for choreography.   Many private students choose their own music for the upcoming performance. 




Choreograph your story at on stage Dance through the Art of Dance.

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Dance for Teens &  Adults

Hip Hop for Children

Tap for Chilren

Ballet for Children

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Share your positive experiences in the dance arts. 

We encourage you  to  share your unique experience in teaching dance,  learning dance, performing dance,  watching dance, or choreographing dance.

Please, come blog with us and share your personal insights concerning the sacred art of dance as a means of self improvement and the  soul evolution of others.

I also teach Flamenco and Celtic Dance.  Examples of these types of dance will also be demonstrated at the the Winter Solstice Celebration in December 2015.  Date to be announced.

I have been a professional teacher  for more than two decades. I love sharing my knowledge of dance  with children, teens, and adults.  I experience great satisfaction from watching my students grow in their dance training..



Our last performance took place at the San Diego Fair Del Mar July 2015 

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Dance Classes taught by April Vihilidal emphasize discipline with the ultimate aim of  touching and  experiencing the true classic form or each style.

April Vihilidal teaches children, teens and adults with equal ability and enthusiasm.

Special  attention is placed on correct body alignment and the correct placement of the feet, legs, torso, arms, hands, neck, shoulders and head in order to achieve the greatest possible representation of proper dance technique.

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Music is used as a measure of movement as well as an impetus for the free expression of the spirit through dance.

Express yourself in class and on the stage...  Evolve your ability to communicate through the art of dance. 

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On Stage Dance is part of a greater organization known as Omni Arts Escondido.  Omni Arts Escondido offers Kung fu, Tai Chi , yoga and foil fencing classes.

Winter Solstice Celebration in December 2015 at the Jocelyn Center in Escondido CA.

Date to be announced.

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Young or old, advanced or beginner, solo or in a group experience the joys of dance at On Stage Dance in Escondido.

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